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 Dr Sirous Ahmadi

MARN : 0854826

AN : 201200092

:Office in Sydney 

Suite 10&11,Level 3, 48 George St,Parramatta,NSW,2150,Australia

Tel : +61 - 2 - 9 6 5 9 1 6 9 4

  Fax : +61 - 2 - 9 6 5 9 6 8 7 8


 :Office in Tehran

24/11Level 6, Zamani st, Before Beheshti st,Sohrevardi Shomali

Time in

تماس مستقیم از تهران به دفتر سیدنی با  شماره88174991 و یا Skype ID: admin.visayab بدون هزینه تماس خارج از کشور از 2 صبح تا 10 صبح ایران روزهای دوشنبه تا جمعه

In a following link you could listening to  Dr . Ahmadi's interview with Radio Neshat.In this program he answered to some of your enquiries about Refugees visa


,Dear Clients

To make an appointment via phone or skype and talk directly with Dr. Ahmadi after pay the  consultation fee you could make an online appointment
Our Facebook page is : 


  Attention to those who are interested to sign a Skilled or Business visa contract with us
We have 10% New Year discount for those who signed a contract between 23rd Dec.2014 to 22nd Jan.2015
"For any further information Please contact our main office in Sydney"        


Department of immigration announced that Partner visa application fees will be increased about 50% for applications lodge from 1 January 2015. E.g.:The application fee for an onshore partner visa is currently $4,575 and this will increase to $6,865

For offshore partner visas and prospective spouse (fiance) visas, the fees will increase from$3,085to $4,630

If you have plan to lodge your application you need to hurry up 


The Senate has passed sweeping changes to Australia's immigration laws, including the re-introduction of temporary protection visas(TPV) , representing a much-needed legislative win for the Abbott Government. For more information please look at this link

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             Dr. Ahmadi interviewd with Iran & Irani  TV program             

             Australia skilled visa on                                

Australia Business visa info on      

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